Don’t forget about the Tester!!!

We all go shopping. Sometimes we search for a perfume, or an after shave. Something new maybe…

In order to take the best decision one might want to smell the product. Or test the perfume (on a piece of paper, or on the person’s own skin). When choosing an after shave for the loved one (or when a guy chooses the after shave for himself or a friend as a gift), one has to have the opportunity to see how that product smells, especially when bought from a super/hypermarket or specialized store. Moreover when the product has a special tag with “new product/flavor” one must have the opportunity to see what’s this new fragrance.

If this tester is missing, one might decide to go shopping elsewhere – and that means smaller sells and smaller products and of course unsatisfied customer and bad WOM (word of mouth).

Also, if there is no tester, people are tented to try the product itself. Many products will be unpacked, tested and in the end not sold (for no one wants to buy a product that is not new). So on the long term the company loses more then if it doesn’t offer testers.

The moral? Very simple: Companies should take in consideration testers. A client is more likely to purchase a product if he/she has the opportunity to test it – but when it comes to buying something like a perfume or an aftershave (and similar products) tester is critical. Otherwise the client will choose to go somewhere else to shop. Or to buy the product he/she already uses (and that might not be your product! so you miss out on a chance to have a new customer).


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