Benq – BenQ – Ben Queue – Qisda

Brands change their names or logo. It’s sometimes a necessary process – when changes appear. Name changes can be great opportunities.  However a new name can be a “chix” (very bad choice).

Changes can be significant (complete changes) or small. BenQ as you know had some name changes. Benq – BenQ – a small change.

But now BenQ is … hold on… Qisda.

As you may also now when you change a name you must take in consideration few things:

– the name must be a reflection of the changes and new identity and brand personality

– the name mus be pronounced easily in many languages (especially if we are talking about an international brand)

– the name must not have a bad “sound association” in pronunciation (must not sound almost like words with bad or other meanings)

Please feel free to read more about the name change at BenQ on The Inquirer.

What do you think about Qisda in this context?


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