Branding Test – a way to measure “a brand’s strength”

All business owners want to have successful brands. We all want to be on top, appreciated by our customers, loved by our clients, and known by everyone in our target.

Becoming a famous brand is not easy. “Every journey begins with a single step.” is an ancient Chinese proverb and it’s also the first sentence one can see when entering Branding Test page.


On entering Branding Test one enters a yellow Internet page stating that the next 12 questions are part of a sample brand strength test. Step by step visitors will answer questions regarding their brands (things connected to marketing, own perception, others perceptions, message etc.). Each question involves giving marks (for three different aspects). In order for this Branding Test to be accurate, the respondent must give objective, true answers. Lack of objectivity inevitably leads to a false result – even if the result may be in favor of that brand.

It is very well known that sometimes there is a gap (or, worse, a big gap) between one’s own image / perception (brand identity) and the others’ image / perception of the brand (brand image). Such a situation does not bring benefits for the company. That’s why a branding test could be revealing – a useful and rather objective mean to measure the strength of a brand. If properly done it can offer a clearer perspective of the brand and of the possibility to change those things not in harmony with a brand identity. Afterwards the test taker is being sent an email containing the answers. If a deeper investigation is believed to be needed – a more complex branding test included – one may contact brandidentityguru’s specialists (contact details are mentioned on the first page of this sample Branding Test).

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