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Today I would like to present you an interesting idea and website: SwitchPlanet.com


Do you remember the time when you used to change “turbo/minti surprises” with your friends in order to have the complete collection? Or at kindergarten when you used to change toys; or at school when colleagues changed pens?


Time goes by, and we are now adults. Our “trade habits” changed as well: we now trade computer parts or mp3 players (for example if a friend has a red mp3 player and you have a black one, if your friend likes black and you like red, if the gadgets are both new you may think very seriously about changing them and it would be a great deal for both of you since you both get what you like more).


But what happens when your friends don’t have this red mp3 player? A stranger might have it. But you have no idea and neither does this stranger know that you have the black device he desires. Wouldn’t it be great to have a place where you can find people willing to switch products like you? SwitchPlanet.com is the solution.


Creating an account is simple and free. Once this stage completed, you may list the items you want to switch (DVDs, CDs, Books , Video and Games) and specify trading preferences and switching can begin!


If you want to see how the site looks like you may access this link.


If you want to start creating your account – you may sign up here.


SwitchPlanet.com also has a very interesting slogan: “use more… waste less”. So start doing that. Stop storing stuff you no longer use and start “bartering” and get want you want. It’s very simple by the intermediate of SwitchPlanet.com. One more thing: between switches you can communicate with the other member since social tools such as friends, groups and forums are also available. Members also support various charities via our SwitchFunds program.


Have fun switching 🙂

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