Having connections is not enough

Unfortunately lately i keep seeing companies owned by people who are convinced that having some relations means business success.

I see people investing money in parties for friends thinking that it is enough. Afterwards they realize that this friends aren’t the expected  customers, and that they don’t bring more customers (as expected by the owners and as promised by friends).

After having spend all the money available this people think about a collaboration with a PR and/or advertising company. They realize they need promotion, communication, a viable image and PR strategy and professionals to implement it.  In this stage however everything is more difficult for the PR firm as well. The budget is not so big (if there is any). Moreover the owners present their “accomplishments” and the fact that they have connections. And since that didn’t bring result they aspect you to make wonders with few money and in a very short period of time.

As conclusion: PR and communication is not a last resort for success. PR does not bring results over the night.  PR is not free. You must begin a business relation with a public relation agency right from the business’ beginning. 


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