New York Times lanseaza Beta620

Beta620 a fost lansat (cu ceva intarziere) de New York Times si se anunta a fi un site cel putin interesant.

La putin timp dupa ce Google a anuntat inchiderea Google Labs – lucru pe care eu una il regret – iata ca New York Times isi lanseaza siteul (care trebuia sa fie “up and running” de vara trecuta) pentru proiectele sale experimentale.

Ce cuprinde Beta620? (apropo: numarul vine de la adresa redactiei) Aflam dintr-un material ca Beta620 consta in (si o sa redau informatia in engleza, ca in stire):

  • “The Buzz, which shows how much traction Times articles are getting on social media
  • Times Companion, which lets you summon information on topics in the article you’re reading without taking you away from the page
  • TimesInstant, a search page that shows results as you type
  • Smart Search Bar, which sorts results and displays them without taking you away from the page you’re on
  • NYTimes Crossword Web App, an HTML 5 version of the puzzle’s aging digital versions
  • Longitude, which plots the day’s Times articles on an interactive Google map
  • Community Hub, a dashboard featuring stats on your comment history, a feed of comments on Times articles and, soon, Facebook friends’ comment”

Va suna interesant oferta?

Ideea ar fi ca oamenii pot oferi feedback pe ideile New York Times. Implicarea comunitatii.

Ce parere aveti?


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